Baby Brand Saffron

Baby Brand Saffron strands mainly consists of the red part and a few strands in yellow style. The strands are of premium quality with a bold and lengthy look which assures the rich color and taste of saffron.


Baby Saffron offers the finest, hand-picked pure and natural saffron. Hand removal of yellow part from the finest stigmas happens in a humidity controlled environment.

An adorable sleek case encloses the finest saffron which is blister sealed to preserve the natural flavor and color for a long duration.

Baby Brand Saffron Coloring strength is always > 200. Coloring strength of 200 or above is considered as Grade 1 Saffron in accordance to ISO 3632 Standards each strand count.

Aproximately 100-120 flowers have to be harvested to obtain 1 gram of pure
Baby Brand Saffron.

Benefits Of Using Saffron


Saffron is effective at treating mild to moderate depression insomnia.


Saffron helps to clear your airways making it easier for you to breath.


A herbal saffron supplement can decrease the chances of getting arteriosclerosis. It acts as a stimulant as well as an antioxidant to help increase the circulation throughout the body.


Saffron contains Carotenoids which fightsafights against cancer cells in the body, such as leukemia cells, sarcoma cells, and cancerous carcinoma cells.

Menstrual Relief

A herbal saffron supplement can regulate menstruation as well as reduce chronic uterus bleeding.


Saffron is helpful in the bowel movement. It coats the membranes of stomach and colon which help in soothing gastrointestinal colic and acidity.

Kidney and liver problem

The spice is extremely beneficial for the treatment of kidney, bladder and liver disorders. Saffron is considered as a blood purifier.

Gas And Acidity

Saffron is effective for providing relief from gas and acidity related problems.


Saffron also provides relief from joint pains. It heals muscle inflammation by helping the tissues to get rid of lactic acid which gets built up after strenuous exercise.


Saffron also contains the compound “crocin” which reduces fever. Crocin also promotes learning by improving memory power.



2 g (1 g x 2)


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